Escape Room Arlon
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The White Dream Adults

can you prove yourself by escaping the room?

The White Dream Adults

Escape Room Arlon

Dreams are always beautiful and delightful. But not tonight, tonight your worst nightmare has become reality. You are stuck in a dream… a dream you’d rather not be in. For one strange reason you find yourself in a girl named Agatha’s dream. You must get out of there. In exactly one hour she will wake up, when she does there will be no way back for you. You will be stuck in her dreams forever!

Can you solve your way out of this less-than-ideal situation, the only way you’ll be able to is through teamwork. Keep an eye out for each other because things may not be as they appear! Oh and…one tip, do NOT wake Agatha up when you see her lying in her bed. If you do then I’m certain you will regret it!

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