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  2. Enter the room for 60 minutes

    2. Enter the room for 60 minutes

  3. Solve the riddles

    3. Solve the riddles

  4. Escape the Room

    4. Escape the Room

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Dr. Jackson Escape Room

Dr. Jackson

Difficulty Level  

SHOOT! You find yourself locked in Dr. Jackson’s hidden office. Dr. Jackson has caused great turmoil in the medical world. He is disturbingly smart and wicked, that is exactly why the world has turned against him. He frequently performs procedures such as diathermies and lobotomies! These are just some of the many gruesome procedures that […]

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The White Dream Adults

Difficulty Level  

Dreams are always beautiful and delightful. But not tonight, tonight your worst nightmare has become reality. You are stuck in a dream… a dream you’d rather not be in. For one strange reason you find yourself in a girl named Agatha’s dream. You must get out of there. In exactly one hour she will wake […]

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The White Dream Adults Escape Room
The White Dream Kids Escape Room

The White Dream Kids

Difficulty Level  

Dreams are always cheerful and delightful, but not for your best friend Agatha. She is lost in her dream…a dream she would rather not be in. You have to help her wake up or she will have to stay there for the rest of her life. Look out for each other, because dreams aren’t the […]

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Frequently asked questions

for all other questions you can contact us for more information

No, this is strictly forbidden! You will have to find the way out together with your teammates! The Game Masters are of course always ready to help you, but you can’t consult ‘external sources’. At the start of the games we will also pay extra attention to the fact that no mobile phones, smartphones, tablets or other means of communication are included in the escape rooms. After all, these belong to the lockers provided free of charge. To keep our games attractive and challenging for other, future ‘Players’, it is also forbidden to record and / or make public any visual material of our games. Our games are copyright protected. We therefore count on your fair-play and respect for yourself and for all other players.

Experience is not necessary and each individual with his own specific characteristics, capacities and personality absolutely has his own input and added value in our games. That is why teamwork is so important! If you really do not get out of it and stay in the dark for too long, our Game Masters are always ready to give you a tip at your request, which will bring you back on the right path. We of course keep the number of tips for your final score. And do not forget: even if you do not manage to reach the finish line within 60 minutes, you can still have a lot of fun… and that is ultimately what matters, isn’t it?

Yes, of course. In case of a change or cancellation of a reservation you can always give us a signal. Cancellation is also free of charge until the day before arrival.

The purpose of an escape room is to escape within an hour. After an hour, the game is also stopped. Afterwards there is of course also room for discussion, possibly with a drink.

Although all games have been arranged thematically, it is not the intention to frighten you. Moreover, it is not claustrophobic. Whoever gets too stuffy can always leave the game. To ensure your safety, cameras are available in every game.

Yes, because the rooms are fresh, because all rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

To make everything run smoothly, we ask for a quarter of an hour before the start of the game. We use this time to provide information and you can store certain items in one of our lockers.

You can pay in cash on the spot.

There is a private parking available and there are several public car parks available in the area.

Yes, they can play there are not many physical assignments.

Yes, you can receive an invoice for this you must send all company details by e-mail.

No, you will be guided by the Game Master.

From the age of 12 they can play an escape room independently. Under this age, an adult is required.

Children are allowed in an escape room from the age of 8, but at least an older supervisor is required (+16 years). They can play independently in an escape room from the age of 14.

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